Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The place I Belong

It all feels and sounds like a dream,
Each day with suprises of its own,
I watch the sun rise and am amazed,
My world is far different from everyones,
It all lives in my mind!

In my world there is no class or standard,
We all speak in one voice,
We all believe in a single religion,
In my world there is no Greek or Jew,
We all believe in one supreme God!

In my world peace abides,
We all gaze at the stars,
And all things fall into place,
There is no fear of betrayal,
We all love like tomorrow never comes,
We make hay only at day!

What is this world,
Oh, it was just a dream,
Reality gets to me at dawn,
I wanna force myself to sleep,
And dream all over again!
If only I could buy sleep and not the bed!

I must rise now,
Many things await me,
Maybe I will tell you more about my world,
When next I go to sleep,
Pray that am not too tired,
'Coz then, I rarely dream!


  1. WOw...That is the place we all belong. where we want to be. Love it

  2. You are great fellow poet, you changed my view of things Angel Land!

  3. @Bicolla, am grateful i met you. Befriending a fellow poet is a great pleasure