Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The place of that young writer

How many of you young people do poems and file them away? I have sat and compiled my thoughts since I was of a very tender age. I started by modifying a poem in a textbook back in lower primary. I believed and still do in words. What else is more beautiful that the written word. Nothing can surpass or fathom the essence and beauty of the written word. My verdict: Poetry can change the world!


  1. It is a great effort to create a platform for others to shine... May him that you believe in create a platform for you to do this!

  2. Hey, this is a great idea... lets give the young all the support that they need!

  3. Young writers surely do need a platform to shine, not only in poetry but in all places they feel talented... Am glad and that is why I join the course towards better days!

  4. Not surprised! I know this has been your spirit keep it up. This has been a line no one has taken note of and many talents are ruined down there. You are at that point and am sure you can. We join in the efort...

  5. Thanks Fred, you sure made my day by appreciating my effort...

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  7. words, words, words
    words make life go round
    they create love
    essence of presence
    spirit of victory
    Am in love with words
    with the written text
    let's spell it out

    Am loving this.....True;Poetry can change the world!