Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Books and Knowledge

 Books, books, books,
Them that have become my livelihood,
Them that have  helped walk in elegance,
Them that gave me wings to fly,
That is what guides me through,

Today I sit and write,
That indeed feels right,
Because writing is my right,
That which makes me a writer,
And that makes me one outright,

Whatever that makes me,
Not really a philosopher,
But a seeker of wisdom,
To yearn each day for a new beginning,
To write and read books

Am glad am a friend to them,
Them that are birds with golden wings,
Them that help me fly along,
To reach for the stars,
To touch the sky and feel lifted,
To listen to the silent whisper and learn...


  1. Surely, the wisdom that reflects in each para signifies you as an upcoming Philosopher.......this is a nice write up!!!

  2. congrats girl!!! this is so amazing! keep up...

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