Monday, September 27, 2010

Broken promise

Another year goes to record,
Why has it taken you too long,
If only you could feel my heart,
Realize the amount of pain,
that that you subject it too,
maybe you would realize and hurry,
fulfil that which you swore to me,
that you would love me forever...

Now I sit on this cold floor,
Counting yet another year,
It feels like a lifetime,
the pain in my heart excruciating,
i hold on to my heart,
that shell of a heart that I still keep,
it all feels like yesterday...

Where did I make a mistake,
when did this portion,
this terror that it is over,
that it has been over for a while,
when did it become entirely mine,
someone answer me,
Is it a crime to love now...

In darkness, I see silhoutte figures,
I find myself lost in time,
I wait to feel you gently blow on my neck,
its unfortunate,
It never will be, it is a dream,
a dream long buried in time,
I can only keep the memories,
the only thing that I can call mine...

Maybe you will be back someday,
that's my thought everyday,
But, if not today,
I may not be able to wait!

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