Monday, September 27, 2010

Mine too are repressed feelings...

I wish I had the courage to say,
That which my heart contained,
A smile at another tore at my heart,
I wished you could read my emotions,
I was a mere ghost,
I was too shy to confess,
Yet, too proud to lose,
I can't comprehend,
Why it took you so long to realize,
That together we belonged...

I wish I had another way out,
For this feeling to fade away,
To be free from this emotion,
To learn to be free and fly again,
It's a pity, only your love can set me free,
Life is indeed a mystery,
I can't read your heart,
neither can you read mine!
Deep inside, we all have one longing...

Mine is hope against hope,
that which has become my hearts companion,
I can only wait patiently,
That someday,
'you will get the picture of my heart,
and that you will accept it as it is,
denying it will mean its doom,
'it can only beat to your tune....

Send me an image of your heart,
to perfection it might not be drawn,
however, I will mold it to perfection,
together, we shall bind them,
form a kite that will fly high forever,

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