Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My promise I still keep

I ain't far from you
Your heart is mine, mine your
I'll keep my word for you
Fight storms if i have to
walk past the barricaded walls
to reach where U you
If i have to be the wind i will
Don't give up on me;
mine ain't broken promises

You say you're cold
My arms are stretched
Look past 'n' you'll see
My dearest love ain't no crime
Maybe, but maybe am a criminal to love
to admire you smile
your agility, fragility, lovability
for i can not move from you
though divided by distance
my love for you, ain't deeming

Watch the sky tonight
the moon will have us
holding hands, feeling a warm embrace
of time, pace
each day am praying time'd skip a beat
that we be together again
Like you my dear
am lost
lost if i ain't got you
if i ain't got your smile

I look at these picture i hold
Walking down memory lane
With no pain arcane
Hoping my dear
Hoping to hold you again
make you secure
Am a captive, a captive of time
A while longer
A while longer n we'll be together
Mine is yours, n your's heart is mine

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