Monday, September 27, 2010

Repressed Feelings

I wanted to tell it to you
That day
When I saw you first;

I wanted to whisper
It in your ear
Colored like butterflies wings
Fear wouldn't let me
It clasped to my feet
Chocked my throat
Pocked my ears;
What could i do?

I wanted to sing you a song
the winds were strong
My words they'd sway
The storm'd rage
My tunes distort
I really wanted to

I wanted to watch you all night long
All day along
The clouds turned dark
You ran in fear of a storm
I’d be your umbrella, but you'd not believe
You sought relief
Away from a storm
It was never to be
Day’s turned nights
Night’s turned dark abyss
What was I to do?

I wanted to;
I Couldn’t

1 comment:

  1. The will is in the swing
    Not to know what to bring
    To worry not a thing
    This it was my feeling
    My thoughts out you bring

    For me you really feel
    Your feel I feel for real
    This begins my drill
    To climb that hill