Monday, September 13, 2010

To You

 My One True Love,
My beloved God- sent, you are to me my one and only true love, my all and my entire self. I can only write just but a few lines describing the feelings in my heart. I cannot wait for tomorrow coz I know not the circumstance of then. However, was I to die then, my last breath will escape my lips with your name! I cannot yet articulate that which my heart communicates with regard to my deathless love for you. I can only try with great but difficult efforts to leave you a picture of my heart. I hope you will still love it though coz necessity dictates so --- you have exulted so much power on it and it is humbled and beats to your rhythm! Surely, we shall soon be together; I cannot communicate my entire heartfelt emotions here coz my heart has a bountiful of things to say to you! Sometimes, it seems better if not spoken, for, God himself will do the rest. I can only tell you that I am thine and you are mine forever!
With heart-felt Love,
                                   Your Beloved!

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  1. Thanks love, I know this was meant for me and I appreciate.