Saturday, September 11, 2010


It is a strange feeling, to love and to be loved,

To cry to a stranger in your hardest times,

To look into their eyes and say,

"You mean the world to me!"

This are the things that are unique to me!

The sky brightens my day,

Your smile makes my heart glow,

In darkness, you promise me safety,

You walk by me and make me laugh,

Even the slightest of jokes are humorous!

You hold my hand and touch my heart,

You blow on my wounds and take away the pain,

You laugh and cry with me!

That feeling of your presence is great,

'Coz you boost my confidence!

Am glad I have you as a friend,

You love me in a way I can not comprehend,

In a manner that is most unique,

You have taken posession of my heart,

And in you, I find a friend so real.

You ask for nothing from me,

You are exceptional and this scares me,

Someday you might ce,

And then, you will leave my heart in shumbles,

Then, the meaning of love would have been lost!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe someday i might not, but remain here
    Stay with you, to see more of your graceful words
    on this white sheet
    to hear the melody of your voice
    in these adent space
    i'll never be away
    have no doubt