Tuesday, October 5, 2010

You are to me Worth the Universe

can i call You to tell of it
To tell of these fragile heart of mine

Can i call you to tell you
To whisper of my secret longings

Can i call you to tell it
To tell of my hearts desire

You a star
The magic voice in the wind

Your eyes
Your eyes spark like the moon ray
It aint no love story
but please let me say

Let me say of your grace
One that makes nature tickle
let me say of your art
God's must've taken hours

Distance is metaphoric
But your love is symphonic

My dear
You've colored your speech

let me, give me
One dance with you

You're here
...always in my heart

A friend, confidant,
What more'd i add

1 comment:

  1. really romantic poem n i think he really lucky man :)