Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Please Understand Me

Sometimes I wonder if I say what you want to hear,
Sometimes my efforts tend to wear,
Afraid that I have lost you and you are not near,
Sometimes I wonder if I instill fear,

Sometimes I wonder which answer is appropriate,
Considering that I should be considerate,
Sometimes the pain in your eyes shutters my efforts,
Considering that I fail your trust in me,

Sometimes I wonder which actions are right,
Considering our difference by nature,
I watch you disappointed unable to understand,
I know you expect me to be right,

Your expectations increase by day,
I do understand you want me to grow everyday,
I fear to mention that our capacities differ,
The energy in me tends to weaver,

However, one thing remains certain,
I love your sincerity,
I love you trust in me,
I love your being there,
Everyday, Every hour and,
Every moment,
I will be here for you!


  1. Nice post, touching poem.
    Glad I found your blog.

  2. I always thought that this is another thought
    But a thought is never thought without a thought
    The little things that start a wonderful thought
    Developing in minds to form a bigger thought

    What a breathtaking wonderful thought
    What a breathtaking marvelous thought
    What a breathtaking constructive thought
    What a breathtaking beautiful thought

    To open my thought
    You start me in to a thought,
    My lovely thought
    My beautiful thought
    You are my thought