Monday, October 18, 2010

Set Me Free!

What is all this struggle about,
It is all a round about,
Am finally convinced, I don belong here
I have shed so many tears,
Tears that I wanted you to wipe,
Tears of the fear that you also don understand,
When did I lose my right to love,
When did love become vanity?

Am losing my mind cant you see,
Cant you realize that it is weighing me down,
I never bargained for this,
All I ever wanted was to love you,
And maybe, you to love me in return,
It was not my intention to be a prisoner,
To walk with invisible chains all my life,
And to experience such immense pain,
It wasn't in my expectations!

Too much pain is weighing me down,
My love is turning to a sour feel,
Am ashamed of what I have become,
My heart, a prisoner in it's own shell,
Free me, or, love me,
That is all am asking for...
I will lose my mind, my heart return to me,
When you value it, return it to you I will!

Free me,
Let me walk my path,
Yo take your own,
Maybe, maybe someday...
Our paths shall meet...
And that day, you will have learned to value me!

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