Sunday, October 10, 2010

You are to me What Darkness is to the Star

I watch the stars scintillate,
another day gone by,
my thoughts I articulate,
from them to create a lullaby,
to lull him that I treasure,
to the land of fairies.

I watch the moon glow,
and the breeze of the night blow,
today, my heart you gave an adventure,
I am happy in the joy of loving,
the joy of believing,
that forever, you will walk by me,
that you won't tire loving me.

I took the picture of your face,
forever I will keep it in my heart,
if destiny parts our paths,
you will forever be in me,
i will carry the good memories,
'coz you are a good memory too,
you just need to whisper my name,
and you will forever experience my presence.

Keep my promises with you,
those that I solemnly swore to you,
like a good song, memorize the lyrics,
remind me of them when I err
for those, I live for,
i will guard what we have,
with my last breath,
and with it, your name will escape my lips.

I will solely rely on your word,
that which puts a smile on my face,
that which makes my heart race,
that forever, you will stand by me,
and together, we shall smell,
the scent of true friendship,
the scent of a new life,
where no one can come between us,
I will forever cherish you!

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  1. You poet so nice... but i didn't understand a lot of this..

    but i feel is good...