Monday, October 4, 2010

You drowned Me

I tightly held to what I called mine,
The thought of love was unwelcome,
the door to my heart was not passable,
I watched the tears roll,
yet my heart wasn't ready
the past had a lesson deeply engraved in me,
i was not ready to let go yet...

You captivated my barren heart,
you stole those keys from my safe
that gentle gaze convinced me
confident that I would not lose again
I let go!
the peace you instilled in me unfathomable
the stars unleashed brightness that I can't contemplate...

You stole my secrets,
those that were deeply engraved within,
i opened for you doors only I had access to,
all my cherished treasures I gave you access to,
bonded and blinded by love,
my live ceased to be mine,
in my little ways, I nurtured our you,
i watched you blossom like a rose bud...

I totally drowned in what you offered me,
i ignored all possibilities laid before me
i believed your every word
to me, you were incapable of lying
truth was your second name
you promised to get me the moon,
am no longer drowned in that hope,
am drowned in my own tears and yet...I can not swim!



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  2. Us was not a lie
    not a spec in the wind
    Nor a whisper carried by storms rage
    When i held your arm
    It felt like heaven
    We're moving to the moon
    just don let go
    let me your tear wipe
    Your heart console

    You've cultivated my barren heart
    the harvest be bounty
    you've watered the garden
    The flowers are shining
    Don pull away now
    We made it together
    Moved past
    We aint stopping now
    I aint letting you drown in that tear

    We're us
    You aint lost