Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I said it then, I say it Now

Once said we live to love
But if say, I live loved;
I look into your eyes every single day
Distant, yet so near
Like a spark of light
A twink in the sky
A ray of delight
Accustomed to enlight
Or maybe mesmerize

My mind’s become captive of your thought
but if freedom is to be away,
I don’ wanna be free
If life is to be away
I’ll fly away with you;
When I hold mine heart in prayer
A blessing to the best I request
God will do the rest
Time bound, life abound

Down you lay, prostrate in night
I’ll be the dream that takes you away
The light at dawn
The wall above, the roof beyond
Protect thee from the storm
Your heart lay’s safe in mine
I know mine’s safe in yours

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