Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It’s a drizzly overcast day, gloomy befits it,
Yet, my heart glows,
Reasons’ distraught at this unfathomable delight
For in its divine knowledge…
Caution is rendered inapt,
For heart finds reason in love
Reason with which reason cannot reason

Heart assumes the conductors baton
All uncertainties dissolve to passion,
It defies reason,
The earth painting green, where flora exists not
It becomes our dance floor, you take my hand
And the dance commences, sashay with me love
You my symphony, I assume your tempo

Deeply staring into your eyes
Seeking for any sign of mendacity, love
… Know what I see?
Leaping arcs of desire… like a log in the sea
We sail with the current, we cruise over the edge
To the far periphery of paradise
In dance, you’re a marvel of efficiency…

Inexcusably gauche it shall be, if I fail to mention…
The exquisiteness of your brown eyes…
Them that display the color of a sea storm,
They carry the weight of words left unspoken
I would gaze at them forever, choose to leave never
With you, a sea of red and white blossoms…
My world coloring spectacular

Though on the dance floor, before a multitude,
I recount with guilty pleasure…
The sight of our naked bodies intertwined in passion
A soft whimpering sound escapes my lips…
Just then, the music stops…
You do not let go, I know you know…
For you are my music!


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