Saturday, November 28, 2015


It's been a while, time, space, distance,
They have all left me in a trance,
I somehow lost my wit,
My heart left me in a splint
Am empty, poetry I don't wanna taint
So I'll just be brief

You see, It's all coming back to me,
I was, yes, I used to be flawless in writing
I had my inspiration, the best of me
My sixth sense, but, with a name
At whose sight my heart flattered
...and hummed to a stop
if I forgot to breath.

Everything was magnified then;
the wit in me, the artist in me...
My fingers always itched to pen
As though I had swallowed Thesaurus
then he left... and all came to a standstill
till today... I think am finding myself again,
...or losing myself.

Am back... my own inspiration

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